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Cardamom can send and receive vCards in 3 formats, to any phone and from any phone. It makes your smartphone smarter. Exchange contacts with ease now.


With Cardamom Pro, You will be able to send your contacts in any of the three possible vCard formats. Or even as a plain readable text. All done in 3 Clicks.

Remember the days in which your phone couldn't receive vCards sent by another brand's phone. Also, with Cardamom it's now possible for you to receive vCards , not as random text , but in an actual vCard (vcf) format.


Receiving vCards
The vCards you receive will go into the vCard Bucket in Cardamom.You can save unlimited number of vCards in the bucket ( depending on the internal app storage memory of your device)

Sending vCards

You can initiate sending vCards from either Cardamom itself. Or by selecting "Share Contacts" / "Send Contacts"  of your Contact application on your device.  Cardamom should appear in the list ready for you to send the vCard.

Cardamom can send vCards in 3 different vCard formats and as simple text message. Mode 1 : Sends most standard format of vCard supported by almost all phones (Nokia , Sony and so on). Only issue is that it supports only 2 contact numbers at most.

Mode 2: Sends the vCard in a Nokia format (Supported by newer Nokia phones and some others)

Mode 3:Sends it in the original vCard format (Not recognized by most of the phones except Sony).

Text Mode : Sends vCards in textual content, which is readable and neat.
For selecting the mode, you can press 'menu' button on Send Screen or  you can go to the settings of Cardamom and choose the option you want.

Privacy Policy

Information about you

The information CloveFX collect from your device is used only for registration, i.e. your email id and Google Play id(*if any) which will be used for the activation of Cardamom and will be kept securely with CloveFX without being shared to any 3rd parties.

Information you share

The data you send or recieve will be stored in Cardamom, exclusively in your own device, which can be accessed or modified only by you. CloveFX is not responsible for any problems caused by your incorrect usage of Cardamom.

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